Share your insights with the Thriving Congregations Committee

Share your insights with the Thriving Congregations Committee

First off, there is no ‘ask’. You will not be asked to do or volunteer for anything beyond attending this session. This campaign is only interested in collecting your perspective and insight. If you are not able to make any of the available dates, please email [email protected] to let her know. We are going to be scheduling more sessions in the Fall and want to gauge interest.

Click HERE to sign up for an upcoming listening session.

We will take notes at each session and analyze contributions to hear from many voices to:

  • reflect on our current work and priorities
  • discern any needed information
  • inform our next long-range plan.

It is important that our leaders, staff, and planners hear from our beloved community as they consider our next steps. We will send a short list of questions for reflection for anyone who signs up and we will also review them at the listening session. Don’t let not being able to do “homework” keep you from signing up. 

You should voice anything you think is vital to take First Presbyterian into God’s work for us, your insights, what you see, and are called to in your heart.

NOTE:  We do want to avoid using this time to bring up complaints, list what other churches are doing, all potential options for ministry or random suggestions. If you have ideas, concerns or complaints please do arrange an appointment with a person associated with that area. After the session we can help you identify the right person.