Sermons – 2009

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The Great Mystery 01-04-09 Joseph S. Harvard

Change Is In the Water 01-11-09 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

When Hope and History Rhymes: Leadership in a Time of Adversity 01-18-09 James A. Joseph

The Miracle of Discipleship 01-25-09 Joseph S. Harvard

Astonished 02-01-09 Joseph S. Harvard

We’ve Got the Fever! 02-08-09 Cheryl B. Henry

Wash and Be Clean 02-15-09 Joseph S. Harvard

Do I Have a Witness? 02-22-09 Stephen A. Hayner (McPherson Lecturer)

One-Day Snow 03-08-09 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

Beautiful Feet 03-22-09 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

Jesus and Suffering 03-29-09 Joseph S. Harvard

Not for the Faint of Heart Palm Sunday 04-05-09 Joseph S. Harvard

Worthy of Praising 05-03-09 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

The Continuing Church 05-17-09 Allen Verhey

The Lasting Legacy of Jesus 05-24-09 Sam R. Miglarese

Because You Will Not Abandon Me 05-31-09 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

The Spirit of the Call; but then its Letter 06-14-09 David Knauert

Always Being Reformed 07-12-09 Joseph S. Harvard

Interruptions 07-19-09 Joseph S. Harvard

Royal Flush 07-26-09 Judy Pidcock

Telling the Truth 08-02-09 Joseph S. Harvard

Baptized in Christ 08-09-09 William R. Barron

New Hearts, New Eyes 08-16-09 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

Is It Important What We Wear 08-23-09 Joseph S. Harvard

This We Believe 08-30-09 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

Bridled and Birthed 09-06-09 Candice Ryals

Last Words 09-27-09 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

Greetings 09-27-09 Arabella Meadows-Rogers

Keeping God’s Alternative Vision Alive 10-04-09 Joseph S. Harvard

Learning How to Tell Time 10-11-09 Tom G. Long

If You Love Me, Seder Me 10-18-09 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

Giving Your All 11-08-09 Sam R. Miglarese

This Old World 11-29-09 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

Light 12-13-09 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

Listening to the Music 12-20-09 Joseph S. Harvard